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Lolita asks!
A: Do you own anything from Angelic Pretty?
B: Do you prefer Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates?
C: Cutest accessory you own?
D: Dream print?
E: Do you put together coords for various holidays? What’s your favorite?
F: Do you have any lolita friends?
G: Gothic or sweet lolita?
H: How do you deal with getting “weird looks” because you’re dressed differently?
I: Do you think you ever went through an “ita” phase? Describe.
J: Take a picture of all your lolita jewelry!
K: Are there any other styles that you like, such as fairy kei, etc?
L: Are you lifestyle lolita? Do you wish to be one day?
M: Do you watch anime or read manga?
N: Favorite new 2013 print?
O: OPs, skirts, or JSKs?
P: Favorite place to go while dressed in lolita?
Q: Create your own question!
R: Rate these brands from your favorite to least favorite: Angelic Pretty, Btssb, A&P, Innocent World, Bodyline, and Metamorphose!
S: Do you think Sugary Carnival is cute, or overrated?
T: Favorite flavor of tea?
U: Cute underwear or bloomers?
V: Do you like to wear vests or cardigans?
W: Take a picture of your lolita wardrobe!
X: What’s the worst print or dress you’ve seen?
Y: Upload a picture of yourself in lolita.
Z: What do you love most about lolita fashion?


Tea Cup Cakes Tutorial

  • yes the actual tea cup is the cake! made with fondant and also hand painted!

Photo rai-takayama Illustration Hoshino Model Rima and Iill


Photo rai-takayama Illustration Hoshino Model Rima and Iill


Raspberry Rose Cake Tutorial {click link for full tutorial}


2013.12.07Model : Rizzell


Model : Rizzell



A few lolita style categories, presented by Misako Aoki & Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates!

Traditional - Sweet - Classical - Gothic - Princess - Boystyle

According to her blog, Misako is editing/supervising a lolita book that will be released in March 2014.

mi chan breaking my heart in 6 popular styles ; w ; 


Model :  RizzellPhoto taken by :  Chisyaneko


Model :  Rizzell
Photo taken by :  Chisyaneko



mxxxxxm on fc2

She deleted her blog last year. She was my absolute favourite classic lolita… Does anyone know where she went ?

I have no idea ;; I thought she might have started a new blog but I am yet to find it 

She has been in photoshoots with Raeru (fc2) this fall but I don’t think she has a blog anymore.



Bringing to light a finely crafted Trunk, designed to contain edible gems : La Malle Macaron by Moynat !

okay this is a….. :::gasp:::